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LiveFree OKC's Community-Based Violence Intervention program relies on an evidence based model and is shaped by community and local assets which ensures that the program is a program "OF" the community.

There are proven, evidence-based violence reduction strategies that are simply not funded or supported at scale. These strategies typically reduce shootings and homicides by 30-60% (without increasing incarceration), but often go ignored.

A small number of very high-risk individuals are responsible for the majority of gun violence.

  • In many cities, up to 70% of gun related homicides can be attributed to this small, identifiable group of individuals.

  • A central principle underlying the LiveFree Model is to engage this group.

  • In Oakland, for example, researchers found that, despite a high proportion of residents with criminal records, only about 400 of the over 400,000 residents were involved in the majority of homicides.

LiveFree OKC
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